I had a lot of time to myself today and I used it to reflect on some things. Particularly the ways in which relationships can quickly deteriorate into something unrecognizable and hurtful. I thought of how relationships fall apart when we stop focusing on the needs of other people. We forget that…

Won’t be writing for a while. 


Khay model Amir Ebrahimi photography
Sydnee Paige, Fashion Mogul

What inspires you most?

The fashion industry 

What is something you want to accomplish before the end of this year?

The series of One Tree Hill on Netflix 

Favorite part of your body and why?

My eyes because they say more than my mouth ever will. 

Describe a quality you appreciate in a significant other.

Family oriented. One who genuinely puts family above all. One who strives for a strong relationship with their future family as well. 

Name someone you admire and tell what it is about that person that appeals to you.

I admire my parents because they go to no end to make sure I have everything I need & more. I admire their dedication to their family. 

If you could change one thing about the society you live in what would it be?

People wouldn’t be so easily persuaded.

What do you do to relax, escape, or find peace with yourself?

Movies always put me at ease, I love going to the movies by myself or just being alone watching them. 

Provide a quote.

“There’s no art to find the minds construction in the face” -Shakespeare (Macbeth)

State a word on your mind that begins with the letter A. 


I need to be a role model. 

My skin is tough. 

We shouldn’t ever settle.


I could write something very explicit. Something about shots and cocktails, eye contact and veiled smiles and what they lead up to. Things like ass grabs and “accidental” bumps or a middle finger swiping the valley of her thighs or a nibble on an earlobe. I’d stop there. I type drunk but not very drunk. But Why stop there? Why not move onward with both. Moonshine and Mountain Dew cause I’m country. Forward. Drunker, I could talk about a kiss on the neck, a lick down the spine, another kiss where her back arches deepest and maybe a few more in places I’d like her to return the favor. It could go further than that, still, but I’m not drunk enough to talk about the removal of clothes and the the tracing of contours coated in sweet brown skin. I’m not drunk enough to take it there. I’m not drunk enough to tell you about anticipation of what comes next. 


The Art of Teema………

Her smile

100% ART